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Issue #12 (Monthly Online Newsletter)

The Lungs and Respiratory System

Our lungs are just as important to our body as our heating and air conditioning is to our homes. We take our homes ventilation system for granted until they are not working, and then we have a serious problem if we have no heat in the winter or if it gets overly hot in the summer. Maintaining these systems would be the best solution. Our lungs are responsible for our …

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A fresh salad with summer radishes and cucumber dressed up in a cool Pine Nut dressing makes this recipe a winner for everyone! We used the fresh veggies from our own garden for this recipe so it was organic.

The Salad

serves 4

Cut up the following vegetables into thin pieces (I cut mine by hand but you could use a mandolin to get a uniform thickness).

  • 5-7 radishes
  • 1 English cucumber (buy organic when you can)

Put them in …

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The one thing about a family picnic is that everyone brings their favorite foods and after trying everything you do not have room for dessert so I always bring melons that we can munch on after when we are just sitting and talking about family things.

Melon kabob:

Today we have used Watermelon, Honeydew and Cantaloupe

Cut your melons into bite sized pieces and arrange them on a stick to show off the bright colours.
You can make them ahead …

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