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About Us

Hallelujah Acres is dedicated to helping others discover they can live healthy, vibrant lives free from sickness and disease by simply changing their diet and lifestyle.

Hallelujah Acres was founded in 1992 by Rev. George Malkmus, an American Pastor,who found out he had Colon cancer in 1972 and brought himself to a state of wellness by changing his diet to raw fruits and vegetables, plus drinking lots of fresh carrot juice.

In 1998 Hallelujah Acres opened a second headquarters in Canada to serve its growing market north of the border. Judy was the office manager of Hallelujah Acres Canada in Shallow Lake, Ontario where the Canadian Division first began. At this time, Judy changed her diet to raw fruits and vegetables that changed her life for the better.

Hallelujah Acres has spent years of intense research and development with our scientists on staff to ensure that we offer only those products with the best quality, consistency, and nutrient value on the market.

Judy Fleming is the Director of Canadian Operations and helps people everywhere experience vibrant health by empowering the self-healing body. She learned that every day toxins, artificial additives, pesticides and preservatives enter our bodies from the heavily processed foods we eat. These factors and others deplete cellular strength causing malformation of new cells and negatively affect healthy cells; the result is disease.

Judy has learned through experience that a balance of living, plant-based nutrition, cleansing, exercise, hydration, sunshine, rest, emotions and biblical foundation creates the base for a healthy lifestyle. Judy has been a certified Raw Food Chef since 2013 and she has produced many Vegan Recipe books. See the RECIPE tab for a list of these books.

Reclaim Your Health Workshops

She has been promoting the Hallelujah Diet to help individuals reclaim their health through seminars offered at the Waterloo location. See the CLASSES tab for details about the workshops we offer.

Our goal at Hallelujah Acres is to take scientific study about a raw vegan diet to a new level.

Research is conducted on raw, living food diets to provide factual evidence about the benefits of The Hallelujah Diet. Scientific Validation and Research is available in our Reference Studies Library >>>

Our Health products are available for sale across Canada by phone order or can be pickup at our Waterloo location. Visit our Product Page for a list of products we sell here in Canada.

Call our Toll Free number 1-866-478-2224 if you’d like to learn more about our products or to place an order.

We hope that you will find both the information and inspiration to get on the road to health and to stay healthy for life.