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Fresh Air Bloom2

Breathe inslowly…and take to heart Judy’s words about fresh air. Now exhale.……

The AIR We Breathe

We are now starting the 5-6 months when the weather will allow us to go outside more so as we continue talking about the “Get Healthy Stay Balanced” theme in this week’s Better Living Healthier You email we will talk about the Air We Breathe.

Air that does not contain pollution, will have the predominant gas as nitrogen (nitrogen

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Is your Macaroni and Cheese meal packed with healthy vitamins?
Try this week’s recipe for a tasty macaroni treat featuring a special 6 year old guest in the video.

THIS RECIPE will be in the upcoming Book “Kid’s Food”  (Fall 2015)

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Minerals are responsible for many functions within the body as well as helping to turn food into energy and repair cell damage. If you get the right amount of these micro-nutrients the body can repair bones, give you strong teeth and prevent birth defects as well as keeping your immune system in top shape so disease is kept away.

Minerals are essential nutrients that the body needs to survive. We can get these minerals by eating a diet rich in

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