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Judy has created a book of fun, food, and activities – that you can enjoy with your loved ‘younger’ ones. Not only will you have fun, build bonds, and memories– but instill healthy cooking skills and ideas that will endure into their future.

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Potassium is a very essential element for your good health. This week Judy shares the quick list on what it does- and where you can get it…. naturally.

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A season of colorful trees turning, leaves floating to rest on the earth, feeding new life- the hustle and bustle of family, friends, food and so many other things. This week Judy turns our thoughts to a place that can enrich all of us, a place offering an inward season waiting to be savoured.


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It may be a friend, or maybe you- that has to deal with diabetes. Judy shares some quick facts that highlight things to know about this disease – striving to be as healthy as we can!


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