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Check out the topics Judy is offering… ‘Dehydrating made Easy’, ‘Add Years to your Life’, ‘Cooked Comfort Food’, ‘Salads and Dressings’, and ‘HOLIDAY RECIPES’- come to one or come to all the workshops… never a better time in your life to better your health.


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Eighteen years, and going strong…. This week: a peek into Judy’s personal story. A journey of discovering where life, with eating well, can lead. At the end of the article you can find ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS in celebration !

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Known to adventurers as a mineral used  to spark  a body warming  campfire to life, magnesium is also an essential element to your good health.

Read on as Judy shares how it can benefit your body in several ways.

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Back to school? Back to work? How about “Back to Good Health” with these tips from Judy on “packing it in” with good taste too! .

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