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The warmer weather is here! The outdoors beckons. Being outside will boost your physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. When we look back at our past generations we see that they spent more time outdoors; they did their own gardening, they walked around their villages and only used the horse and buggy to visit towns and family that were a great distance away. Children always walked to school, people worked in their own community so often they walked to …

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During the spring and summer when we have many flowers in bloom it is nice to garnish our salads with edible flowers for a pretty look and some subtle tastes.

When you garnish with flowers make sure they are edible (complete list of edible flowers here) and if you grow them yourself make sure you do not use chemicals so you can eat them! Stay away from these flowers when using them in your food: Poisonous plants and flowers


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Issue #10 (Monthly Online Newsletter)

The Brain & Your Nervous System

Written by Judy Fleming

The building where we go to work, school or live has a complex system of electrical wires that keep it in good working order. They all come from the main source of electrical power in the building and pass through the fuse box so you can turn on a light, watch your TV or play on your computer. So they control the power in the …

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