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Judy-Lynn Fleming, Director of Canadian operations for Hallelujah Acres

Judy has a personality that is vibrant and enthusiastic and she has been a huge advocate for the Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle and has been an integral part of our Canadian team since it opened in September 1998.

Judy was the Office Manager of Hallelujah Diet Canada in Shallow Lake, Ontario until our opening of the Get Healthy! Resource Centre in Newmarket, Ontario in March 2005, which she managed. She is …

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I started working for Hallelujah Acres Canada on August 28th, 1998 when HA Canada was just starting. We started back in Shallow Lake, ON with Bev and Dorothy Shouldice as the Canadian founders. It has been a wonderful journey and I still feel that this diet and lifestyle was the beginning of a new life for me!

For those of you that have not heard my personal testimony I will give you just a glimpse of how my health life …

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When I was doing research for my classes on Disease Prevention I found that every disease can be caused from low nutrition, toxicity, stress and lack of exercise. Physical activity (exercise or movement) is necessary for optimal health. Exercise helps to strengthen the body and helps to keep everything within moving as it should. Without exercise many parts of the body suffer our bones, muscles, digestion and our lymph system. I feel if we exercise not only will we strengthen …

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