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I always let my bread maker get the dough ready so all I have to do is make them into individual buns and bake. This is the same recipe I used as a young girl with my Dad but now I use vegan ingredients. For the past few Easters I have made them in the shape of bunnies to the delight of my granddaughter Nellee!

The Bun

makes 20-24

It is importance to load your bread-maker with the wet ingredients …

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Issue #6 (Monthly Online Newsletter)

The Heart

Written by Judy Fleming

The heart shape is the symbol of love and courage but in your body it is the symbol of life!

Your heart pumps blood to every part of your body, to your brain so you can think; to your digestive system so you can process food; to your muscles so you can lift a child; to your sex organs so you can create a child.

We can feel our …

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Issue #8 (Monthly Online Newsletter)

The Digestive System

Written by Judy Fleming

Our houses have an elaborate set of pipes from the toilets, the sinks, the showers and the outside sprinkler system to keep our homes working well. We keep a watch that everything is in good working order so we do not have to call the expensive plumber to fix them! We are also careful to make sure nothing is put down the drains that should not so we …

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