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According to Wikipedia a New Year’s resolution is a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first day of the year.

The Religion origins are: the ancient Babylonians made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. The Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus, for whom the month of January is named. …

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Slice an eggplant into ½” slices and sprinkle with sea salt and put aside while you prepare the Couscous Batter and the Tomato Dressing.

Couscous Batter

Put the following ingredients in a small bowl and mix with a fork:

  • ½ cup couscous
  • 2 tbsp. nutritional yeast
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • ½ tsp. garlic powder
  • 2 tbsp. gluten free flour

Tomato Dressing

Process the following in your mini blender until well mixed:

  • ½ cup olive oil
  • ¼ cup apple cider vinegar

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Thank you from all of us at Hallelujah Acres Canada for being a loyal customer for another great year. Here are 2 recipes to celebrate the New Year with from Judy Fleming’s new recipe book “Foods from Around the World”.

Almond Nog

A great replacement for the traditional Christmas Eggnog.

Put the following ingredients in your blender:

  • 2 frozen bananas that have been peeled and thinly sliced
  • 3-4 cups almond milk (see recipes below)
  • 1 tsp. of each: cinnamon &

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