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Once a month during 2016 we will look at  life altering nutrients starting with the B Vitamins.  Complete with a chart with what Vitamin B will do for your body, Judy also lists the foods where you can find these vitamins. Eat on!

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You are surrounded by choices everyday, and some of those choices make your life healthier. And with our AUTOSHIP offering, YOU choose the products that suit you best, and we do the work getting it to you! Save time AND money!

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Here we are starting another winter and we felt that the video we did last year for Emergency Creations was so to the point that we are repeating it again this year. Continue to read to get the other two recipes found in the video.

During the winter months there are Snow days when we cannot travel with safety and you need to make up something to eat from what you have in your fridge and pantry.

On the H!Diet

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