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This month we will be featuring Picnic Foods! Grab a blanket and your cooler bag and head to a park to enjoy the warm Summer months with these mouth-watering picnic recipes that will be featured all month long.

A Picnic is not a picnic without a potato salad – so here we have a Sweet Potato version with lots of raw veggies to compliment it and with a great Orange Citrus Dressing!

This salad taste best if made the day …

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Issue #11 (Monthly Online Newsletter)

Your Sensory Organs

Written by Judy Fleming

Our senses, the eyes, the ears, and the skin allow us to see, hear and touch the world around us. They gather information from the outside world so that our brain can process this information and use it as we see fit to enhance our world. Our other organs, such as the brain and heart work so that we can live, as a matter of fact, if they …

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We grew our own Shitake mushrooms this year so I have come up with some wonderful new recipes to use them in. Today we’ve made a warm mushroom rice dish with a colourful pansy garnish. When you garnish with flowers make sure they are edible (complete list of edible flowers here) and if you grow them yourself make sure you do not use chemicals so you can eat them! Stay away from these flowers when using them in your food: …

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