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You can make delicious  treats that will make your taste buds sing  YUMMY for my TUMMY!   Hatching Easter ideas for good eating can start by hunting through Judy’s ’90 days of Recipes’ collection …..

Welcome to Week 3 of “30 Days to a Healthier You”………..



The Cookie:

You can make these ahead and keep unfilled in a sealed container in the freezer for many weeks.Soak the following in a large bowl for ½ hour:

  • ½

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In  Judy’s Healthy Thoughts you just may find the clues to capturing years back, a boost to enriching you day , a refreshment of mind, body and soul and journeys in time that will no doubt put a smile on your face. So go ahead and  grab some life …..



Youth is something we all have no matter what the date is on your birth certificate. Sometimes I meet people who are much younger than

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Let’s Plan for the Healthiest Month Yet!


When it comes to eating, many of us want food that is not only delicious and  nutritious, but interesting and fun. But in a busy day just where can we find the time and the help for planning all of this….

Welcome to week  2 of our 30 Days to a NEW Healthy You  where HELP has arrived. Here, packed with wonderful recipes,  easy one page charts to help you understand

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