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As we ourselves get older we face changes that can cause more stress in our lives. Once we are over 60 it seems more health problems occur; our own children have moved out or may need financial help to be more independent; we have retired or changed our jobs to part-time; our parents, aunts and uncles are too old to care for themselves so they need our help. It is no wonder we have more stress!

What can we do

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From Judy Fleming’s Recipe Book as she talks about Diabetes. The menu plans in this book offer healthy eating suggestions to help with disease prevention. Call our toll-free number to order this book today 1.866.478.2224

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Serving size: for 1 person

Method:It is best to grind your flax seed fresh just as you are going to use it. I use the Tribest® Personal Blender with the grinding blade if I am using fresh flax seed. I …

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Happy Canada Day!

The basic ingredients for this amazing dessert are berries and bananas – since we wanted to welcome in Canada Day we used red berries but any fruit would do.

You need a straight sided glass bowl to make this dessert although it could be made in a loaf pan. The depth needs to be 3-4 inches.

Each layer needs to be frozen before the next layer can be added (at least 3-4 hours to freeze solid)

Here …

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