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In  Judy’s Healthy Thoughts you just may find the clues to capturing years back, a boost to enriching you day , a refreshment of mind, body and soul and journeys in time that will no doubt put a smile on your face. So go ahead and  grab some life …..



Youth is something we all have no matter what the date is on your birth certificate. Sometimes I meet people who are much younger than

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Let’s Plan for the Healthiest Month Yet!


When it comes to eating, many of us want food that is not only delicious and  nutritious, but interesting and fun. But in a busy day just where can we find the time and the help for planning all of this….

Welcome to week  2 of our 30 Days to a NEW Healthy You  where HELP has arrived. Here, packed with wonderful recipes,  easy one page charts to help you understand

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Orange Kale Salad

Issue #19 (Monthly Online Newsletter)

During 2015 our Better Living Healthy You Newsletter will feature our Get Healthy Stay Balanced Wheel and all of the parts of the Hallelujah Diet.

Raw fresh vegetables, such as leafy greens, carrots, sprouts and yams and most other vegetables are the best source of all minerals and vitamins! Raw fruits are an excellent source of vitamins. All these raw foods are best if organic and allowed to ripen before picking them. Also raw plant …

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