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30 Days to a NEW Healthier You

Let’s Plan for the Healthiest Month Yet!


When it comes to eating, many of us want food that is not only delicious and  nutritious, but interesting and fun. But in a busy day just where can we find the time and the help for planning all of this….

Welcome to week  2 of our 30 Days to a NEW Healthy You  where HELP has arrived. Here, packed with wonderful recipes,  easy one page charts to help you understand  vitamins and minerals and many exciting changes waiting for YOU – The Healthy You !




To make the cucumber roll-ups you need 1-2 pieces of thinly peeled cucumber per person.
To cut the cucumber really thin use a sharp veggie peeler and run it along the full length  of the cucumber until you have good 1 to 1 ½ inch slices – put these aside.


  The Pea/Mint Pate Stuffing: makes 2 cups

  Put the following in your food processor and process until chunky:
       • the cucumber pieces that were left over (about ½ cup)
       • ½ cup pecans (soaked for ½ hour then drained)
       • 5-10 large mint leaves (the more if you love mint)
       • ¼ cup of each chopped: celery & onion
       • 1 clove garlic
       • ¼ cup apple cider vinegar

  Put this into a bowl then fold in ¼ cup fresh peas.

  Lay out the cucumber slices and cut into 3-5 inch lengths.
  Put a spoonful of stuffing on each piece and roll up tightly –
  then put them in a container or on a plate and add more
  stuffing until they look like the picture above.

  Keep cool until ready to serve – they keep well overnight.

This delightful recipe is found on Page 7 of this Recipe Book