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Judy’s Healthy Thoughts

Indoor air quality

Many allergies and asthma can be caused by the poor quality of the air you breathe every day inside your home, office or malls. The symptoms you might experience are: eye, nose, and throat irritation; wheezing and coughing; fatigue; skin rash; severe allergic reactions, and possibly cancer.

Some of the things that cause these problems are:

  • Mold
  • Dust
  • Poorly ventilated fireplaces
  • Second-hand smoke (the National Cancer Institute states that of the chemicals identified in secondhand smoke, more

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All drugs come with side effects. Even the over the counter type drugs (something as simple as aspirin) can have many side effects, some are minor but others can be life threatening!

These side effects can be inconvenient like an upset stomach and nausea or irritation to the skin. But there are many side effects that can cause serious health problems especially if one drug is combined with another drug that will increase the threat to someone’s life.

Here are

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