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Judy’s Healthy Thoughts

As we ourselves get older we face changes that can cause more stress in our lives. Once we are over 60 it seems more health problems occur; our own children have moved out or may need financial help to be more independent; we have retired or changed our jobs to part-time; our parents, aunts and uncles are too old to care for themselves so they need our help. It is no wonder we have more stress!

What can we do

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For many people the Summer months bring busier schedules and vacations that disrupt your everyday routines. You may find it harder to stay committed to the Hallelujah Diet during these months. This will be my 15th summer living the Hallelujah Diet and my 4th summer travelling around Canada. Some might think it is impossible to stay on this diet and lifestyle so long, especially when travelling, but I have found it quite easy when I plan what I need. Here …

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