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Judy’s Healthy Thoughts

In  Judy’s Healthy Thoughts you just may find the clues to capturing years back, a boost to enriching you day , a refreshment of mind, body and soul and journeys in time that will no doubt put a smile on your face. So go ahead and  grab some life …..



Youth is something we all have no matter what the date is on your birth certificate. Sometimes I meet people who are much younger than what

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Green Bean Tomato Soup:

We have all been brought up to share things with others. How many times do I remember Mom telling us to share with our brothers and sisters? Maybe we were not always happy to share if it meant we would get less. But then there were times when sharing seemed like a good thing especially when it meant I would get something extra just because someone thought enough to share it with me!

Sharing with others gives a good feeling

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