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Judy’s Healthy Thoughts

Zucchini Boats


Here are some choices and options we can do right in our kitchen every day:

  1. Because we already eat mostly raw food we are saving on all the paper, cans, boxes that are used to package dead food reducing the amount of waste materials that are piling up as result of the S.A.D. where people produce 2-4 recycle boxes of things that need to go to our garbage dumps.
  2. Plan a menu for 3-4 days and buy just

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Judy-Lynn Fleming, Director of Canadian operations for Hallelujah Acres

Judy has a personality that is vibrant and enthusiastic and she has been a huge advocate for the Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle and has been an integral part of our Canadian team since it opened in September 1998.

Judy was the Office Manager of Hallelujah Diet Canada in Shallow Lake, Ontario until our opening of the Get Healthy! Resource Centre in Newmarket, Ontario in March 2005, which she managed. She is …

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