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We have all been brought up to share things with others. How many times do I remember Mom telling us to share with our brothers and sisters? Maybe we were not always happy to share if it meant we would get less. But then there were times when sharing seemed like a good thing especially when it meant I would get something extra just because someone thought enough to share it with me!

Sharing Hands

Sharing with others gives a good feeling of satisfaction when they say thanks and it is nice to know that someone will appreciate what you have shared even though you might not hear their thanks. Sharing things we have can give us wonderful satisfaction because it extends our lives to those around us.

Many people share their homes so they can help others who could not afford a home and by doing so they both win by having companionship and savings. Then there are others who share their job so they are both employed. Sharing a task can make it easier for all by lightening the load of a hard task.

Another example of wise sharing is car-pooling, not only does this give those who do it companionship on the drive to work but it saves them both money in fuel and the wear and tear on their cars and improves the environment by reducing the fumes from extra cars on the road. Sharing your lunch can be a great way to try eating something new and many people have sharing dinners where they all bring a dish to share and try out new recipes. I am always happy to share recipes with you each week and appreciate it when someone sends me their positive comments.

So sharing can improve our health as well because it usually lends to more positive thoughts and lessens stress. Here at Hallelujah Diet Canada we firmly believe that sharing ideas on how to live a healthier lifestyle will benefit many. Over the past three years we have shared many Health Thoughts with you and now we want to share your reactions with others as well.

During the month of January I talked about many things in my weekly emails:

  • The value of Journaling
  • The Importance of Exercise
  • Reflecting on our Past and Future
  • Doing Good Deeds

Today I am asking for you to share your reactions to these topics with us by sending me an email.

Loubia (Green Beans with Tomatoes)

Ingredients: olive oil – onion – garlic – green beans – tomatoes – sea salt – cayenne

Green Bean Tomato Soup:

In a saucepan sauté the following in a small amount of water until tender:

  • 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 medium onion (finely chopped)
  • 2 cloves garlic (finely chopped or minced)

Put the above ingredients into your slow cooker once tender.

Add the following and continue cooking on low:

  • 1 cups water
  • 4 cups fresh green or yellow beans (cut into 1” pieces)
  • 1 large can crushed tomatoes or tomato sauce
  • 2 diced fresh tomatoes (or 1 large can diced tomatoes)
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper (more if you like it hot)
  • Sea salt to taste

You may need to add some water as it is cooking. Cook on low all day or this can be made quickly in a large sauce pan on medium heat for 20-30 minutes until beans are tender. Serve over a bed of rice.

30 Days to a New Healthier You

90 days of recipes

We will be working through a 30 (or 90) Day Program starting March 1, 2015. Follow along with us using the NEW Recipe Book:

90 Days of Recipes for a Healthier You

We will also be sending emails with short video clips of healthy tips to help you stay on track with The Hallelujah Diet.

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  • Lunches on the road for work and school
  • Nutrition 101 – whole foods explained
  • 12 articles from Judy’s Healthy Thoughts over the years
  • 3 Menu planning pages
  • 15 Weekly planning pages

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30 Day Kit

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