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Better Living … Healthy You

Breathe inslowly…and take to heart Judy’s words about fresh air. Now exhale.……

The AIR We Breathe

We are now starting the 5-6 months when the weather will allow us to go outside more so as we continue talking about the “Get Healthy Stay Balanced” theme in this week’s Better Living Healthier You email we will talk about the Air We Breathe.

Air that does not contain pollution, will have the predominant gas as nitrogen (nitrogen

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Spring is the time of cleansing. Rushing waters announce the new season,  whisking away the winter, bringing hopes of blooms and sunshine.  Hope for your body comes with a spring cleansing, reaping  the secrets of  juicing…….refreshing….. flowing….. health through you…

We are continuing our look at the “Get Healthy Stay Balanced” program – As we enter the season of Spring we are looking at Cleansing. Detoxification: occurs when toxins, or poison, are being emptied into the bloodstream as a

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