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Fresh Air

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Breathe inslowly…and take to heart Judy’s words about fresh air. Now exhale.……

The AIR We Breathe

Get Healthy Balance Wheel with logoWe are now starting the 5-6 months when the weather will allow us to go outside more so as we continue talking about the “Get Healthy Stay Balanced” theme in this week’s Better Living Healthier You email we will talk about the Air We Breathe.

Air that does not contain pollution, will have the predominant gas as nitrogen (nitrogen makes up 78 percent of the atmosphere). The next two dominant gases are oxygen (21 percent) and argon (1 percent) with trace amounts of carbon dioxide.

The human body can live weeks without eating and a few days without drinking but it can only last a few minutes without breathing. So it is very important that the air we breathe is good! We already know that the food we eat and the liquid we drink will have a huge impact on our health and the quality of our life.
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When a baby is born the first breath brings life into the baby and this life giving air continues to give us life every day throughout the long life we should have. Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to the brain so we become more alert, our mental abilities increase and our moods become more positive and optimistic.

The quality of the air we breathe decreases if that air is loaded with pollutants and smoking. It is very important to make sure we eliminate these poisons from our living space both at home and at work.

How can we make sure we have better air to breathe?

  1. Learn to breathe deeply from deep down and then breathe out fully. This will help the nitric oxide that is found in your nasal passages get to your lungs which in turn makes your lungs and blood vessels function better. It will also help to drain your lymphatic system which removes toxins from your body.
  2. Have living plants in your home so they can add pure life giving oxygen to the air in your home.
  3. Make sure you exercise every day and then do your exercise in a park where plants are giving out good pure oxygen so you are breathing good quality air. And the plants will take away the pollutants from the air.
  4. Decrease the toxins in your own space – remove chemical cleaners and other toxic substances from your home, garage, basement and workplace.
  5. Keep your windows open all year so you allow the toxins to escape. But while driving on a highway keep your windows closed to keep out the fumes.
  6. Clean out the filter in your furnace and buy an air cleaner if possible. Also a new pillow each year will help since you are breathing in the mites that form on a pillow over time each night.
  7. If you are a smoker, QUIT SMOKING or if you live with one, encourage them to quit or at least smoke outside so you will not be inhaling the smoke that can kill you both!LineVirginCeasar