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Issue #18 (Monthly Online Newsletter)

During 2015 our Better Living Healthy You Newsletter will feature our Get Healthy Stay Balanced Wheel and all of the parts of the Hallelujah Diet.

What happens to our food when we cook it?

Here are some results of cooking our food:

  • enzymes are destroyed
  • proteins are denatured, causing many health problems
  • fats become carcinogenic (may cause cancer)
  • carbohydrates (sugars) are caramelized
  • vitamins and minerals are less available
  • water is eliminated
  • cooked food creates an

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During the winter months there are Snow days when we cannot travel with safety and you need to make up something to eat from what you have in your fridge and pantry.

Last week we had a few days like this where I had to create this wonderful meal from almost nothing.

On the H!Diet we eat mostly raw food and as you might already know raw food only stays fresh for 3-4 days, so there are some things we …

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