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Issue #9 (Monthly Online Newsletter)

Bones – Muscles – Joints

Written by Judy Fleming

We value our houses and homes for many reasons; because of their high cost, they keep our family warm and safe, and they give us a place to keep the valuables we collect in life. The wood structure and nails define our house’s shape, anchor the walls, and shield the inside from the outside elements. We make sure this structure stays strong so our homes are …

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Versatile, portable, and delivers powerful ice-crushing, smoothie-making, seed-grinding, sauce-blending functions wherever you plug it in. Compact and smartly designed, it is THE all-in-one, high-powered wonder. Comes with four single-serving Blend-N-Serve cups.

The PB-250 Includes:

  • Personal Blender Motor Base – 110V
  • 1 Blending Blade
  • 1 Grinding Blade
  • 2 16 oz BPA Free Blending Containers
  • 2 8 oz BPA Free Grinding Containers
  • 1 commuter sipping lid
  • 3 Regular Lids

Mason Jar Attachment sold separately. Allows regular-mouth glass mason jars to be used …

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