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Judy Fleming has taught how to improve your diet and lifestyle for over 19 years and has been developing her own recipes with over 12 Vegan Recipe books to her name. She has been a certified Raw Food Chef for 5 years. You do not have to be a vegan to appreciate her recipes since we all love eating healthy tantalizing food. She has developed many classes and workshops at affordable prices. Scroll down to see the assortment of classes we offer.

Phone Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm & Sat 9am-4pm ET

We are CLOSED every Sunday and all holidays. Please Note – We are a scent-free facility. Please refrain from wearing perfumes or sprays to our classes and lectures. Thank you in advance.

The following classes and workshop will be offered in Waterloo for the individual persons or groups from 1-6 people call our toll free #1-866-478-2224 to book a time:

Lets Get Started Class: 6 hours

Have you always thought you should eat healthier and eat more raw whole foods? Do you need help planning how to prepare healthy and interesting food? Join us for a 5 hour day where we will talk about things such as: Raw whole foods vs cooked fast foods, the nutrients found in whole raw foods, the advantages of adding juicing to your diet, how the right kitchen tool can help you take better care of your body, planning menus for a day a week a month. The cost is only $45.00 per person or $60/couple and it includes a 4 course meal along with a manual which has 7 menu plans and over 30 recipes.

potluGet Healthy Stay Balanced 2 or 3-Day Workshop

During this workshop we will visit the following 10 aspects for better living: the food we eat both living and cooked; cleansing the toxins out of the body; the clean water we need to hydrate the body, the fresh air we need for life; the importance of exercise; how the sun affects us; the necessity of rest; how we must manage our stress, caring for our emotions, and our spiritual well being. During this workshop besides the discussions on the 10 topics you will get the chance to work with Judy preparing some tantalizing meals. The price includes your meals the GHSB Student Workbook and Recipe Book The cost for this Workshop is $45.00/day/person ($60.00/day/couple). 

Ten Steps to Add Years to Your Life Class: 6 hours 

In this class we visit 10 different aspects of what we need to do for better health:

  • the food we eat both living and cooked
  • cleansing the toxins out of the body; the clean water we need to hydrate the body; the fresh air we need for life; the importance of exercise; how the sun affects us
  • the necessity of rest & relaxation; how we must manage our stress; be careful of our emotions; and our spiritual well being

Cost is $45.00 per person or $60.00 per couple. The price for this class includes a 5 course meal plus the book with over 40 life changing recipes.

 Come and Work In Judy’s Kitchen with Your Group


We offer a hands-on class where you will work with Judy preparing interesting vegan recipes. This class will take place in the H!Diet kitchen in Waterloo. The class will be 5-6 hours and will include a different recipe book for the topic you choose (see choices below) with over 35-45 recipes as well as you get to eat all the food we prepare that day from Judy’s books. Cost for the day is $45.00 or $60.00 per coupleThe different topics could be any from this list:

  1. Juices and Smoothies
  2. Cooked Comfort Food
  3. Salads and Dressings